Confidence and courage are essential to communicating in a foreign language. I encourage my students to be free to make mistakes as they play with the language to make it their own. Most of my students have the basic foundations of English, but not the fluency they want. Our goal is to make thinking and speaking in English natural and enjoyable.

I teach both accent training and other conversational skills. Accent training covers individual sounds as well as rhythm, tone and phrasing. Conversational skills are developed by speaking, writing, reading and listening.

When I took my TEFL training, I was taught to teach in a classroom. Later I learned, I preferred to teach one-on-one. This is a different kind of teaching. Listening is the most useful skill – listening for what the person wants to say and what is getting in the way. Is it grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, cultural misunderstanding, or fear of being wrong? Any of these things can be the focus of our lessons.

What we use for materials depends on the student. Language books are valuable, but so are fiction books, movies, radio programs, songs, personal journals, and daily interactions. Each student uses English for different purposes and has their own interests.

Every person has a different style of learning. Some like to be methodical and some do not. Some like to read articles on sports, others like recipes or politics. That is what makes my job so enjoyable. Together we try different approaches until we find the right combination. This kind of learning is collaborative and fun.

If you are in the Boston Area and wish to contact me regarding lessons, please send me a note on my contact page.

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