This iPhone app is a visual representation of what happens inside your mouth when you speak American English. You can learn the specific American sounds by seeing inside the mouth of our animated character, Mimo. She highlights the important parts of the mouth and tongue that are active in making particular sounds.
This is a unique approach to learning the American accent because it is easy to imitate Mimo. It also offers the ability to record your voice and compare it with Mimo’s.

There are four explanatory videos for the difficult sounds R, L, TH, and the slide vowels (diphthongs). A practice section features every sound in American English including 2-3 simple words using the sound.

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American Accent on the Go flash cards are an excellent way to review sounds that you have practiced with the App animation.

The cards make it easy to compare different sounds at a glance.  What is the difference between an L and an R sound?  Between single vowels and slide vowels?  Simply look at the cards side by side.

Cards for 41 American sounds come in a convenient alphabetical file folder. You can effortlessly find the right cards and return them to the file when done.

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